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Developing Immersive AR/VR Products + Mobile Streaming Apps


I’m laser focus on developing and growing products. Here’s my current initiatives:

  • Red Bull TV gives users free, front row access to a world that's Beyond the Ordinary (Android, iOS, Oculus).
  • AerialTraveler connects top certified drone content creators with producers. Our mission is to captivate audiences with authentic and inspiring aerial content. Know a pilot or looking to hire one, email me at info@aerialtraveler.com

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Red bull Media House

RedBull.com is a global hub for beyond the ordinary content, and the only place to go for the complete Red Bull experience. Fully localized in over 60 countries and 30 languages, RedBull.com puts athletes and artists at its heart, and tells outstanding stories across Sports, Gaming, Motorsports, Culture and Active Lifestyle.

The immersive team wears multiple hats and tackles a range of projects from photogrammetry reconstruction to athlete 3D scanning and many more in between. We are focused on providing a digital ecosystem of tools for trendsetters and trailblazers to share their passions. 

Our mission: leveraging cutting edge technology to share new perspectives, open up our worlds of content with breathtaking content and stories to delight and inspire. May Red Bull give you wings.

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Aerial Traveler

In January 2019, I became a FAA certified drone pilot and have been supporting budding drone hobbyists on their journey to turn their passion into income.

Aerial content is redefining social media and content marketing so after 1.5+ years of speaking with members of the sUAS community and 300+ conversations later, I developed Aerial Traveler. 

We’re currently accepting top content creators in our beta program now reach out to info@aerialtraveler.com for more information.

Professional Growth

Immediate exposure and optimized SEO to grow your professional presence. Our platform explores licensing opportunities on your portfolio and turns lead generation into sales.

(Passive) income Stream

“Most pilots say about 20% of their total business comes from DroneBase… 80% comes from personal clients they’ve generated through networking, SEO or word-of-mouth.” We understand and support pilots building multiple income streams including passive ones.


UAS Pilots need a professional portfolio whether they’re looking to collaborate with influencers, brands, and/or starting their own company.

We're seeking to support you diversify income streams and get hired by displaying specialization, services, showcase the workshops/courses they’re teaching, and create galleries to license their work

For Pilots, built by Pilots

We support you on diversifying your income streams related to drone piloting. Whether it's highlighting specialization, services, showcasing the workshops/courses you're teaching, and/or creating galleries to license your work.