Technology Consulting

Areas of Expertise:
- E-Commerce Shopify Development
- Responsive Website from Ideation to Launch
- Mobile App from Ideation to Launch
- AR/VR development consulting including Unity, AR Kit, AR Core, and computer vision tracking libaries


Drones & FAA Certification

Starting your own side hustle and love piloting? We're actively seeking content creator applications for our beta launch. Connect with the Aerial Traveler Team at

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Aerial Content

As a licensed FAA certified (Part 107) drone operator and UAS pilot, I currently post a handful of my latest aerial adventures on my instagram handle @nana.low. More exclusive content to drop on AerialTraveler portfolio.

Where I Write

Published author on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine, Best place to learn about AR& VR. I focus on breaking down complex immersive AR/VR concepts to drive growth and viral moments. Latest articles can be found