2018 highlights

Every year I challenge myself to learn new skills and iterate on ideas to turn conceptualizations to reality. A couple highlights from 2018 included hobbyist controllers, VR platform rendering, and data science modeling.

Weight Sensors

weight sensor shelf

Prototyped a smart shelf solution using 4 single point load cell sensors connected to a USB hub. A python program calculates the center of gravity which is then used to infer item quantity and pickup location.

BAI Report Image

Digital Bank news

After attending the BAI Conference, I designed and wrote a 31 page newsletter on Adobe InDesign based on a collection of notes and industry insights. This was eventually distributed bank-wide.

Unity Aipoly 2

Unity lab

Creation of an autonomous research lab on the Unity Game engine. The model includes equipment and common lab objects that are trained on neural nets to improve object recognition.

List of work related projects below. Please note that information provided below are publicly known. Some images however were taken from a public repository so NDA terms are preserved.

Autonomous Store Dashboard

The autonomous store dashboard enables users to manage their inventory, view stock-outs, understand customer behavior and provide other insights on the in-store sales funnel.

Aipoly Convenience Store
Image Annotation Tool

Product launched December 2018 with beta testing with Merck R&D team.  Platform features: Auto labeling images for bounding box object detection, classification, and image segmentation.                  

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 17.39.53
Union Bank Digital Services

Platform used by 1.5 Million MAU. Major projects spearheaded on both online and mobile platforms included: Chatbot, Full Service Online Claims Portal, Banker Appointment Scheduling and customer feedback.

Union Bank Website
System Assembly Validation Report

Proposed and implemented a strategy to standardize pre-ship validation processes involving all large assemblies and critical modules. Included feedback loops on current internal SpaceX platforms. 

Payload Adapter
Component Containment

SpaceX internal tool that provides part location visibility from multiple work orders, lot tracking, co-product branching and part revisions (later modified as “reusable parts”). Project was used during the NASA investigation.

Inspection Plan Automation

This project automated the feature capture process which includes component material, feature characteristics, and tooling data. Project was used during the NASA investigation.

Vehicle Component Install Validation

Led and sourced a team to present a proposal on “Component Installation Electronic Validation” for systematizing quality checks at Fiat Chrysler. Implemented a couple months following my internship.

Interactive Equations Tool for Students

Browser-based calculation tool with a collection of 100+ equation worksheets keyed to classic reference works and international standards.


Awards & Recognitions

Augmented World Expo Red Bull TV 2020 “Best Consumer App” Finalist.

BBC News Aipoly Autonomous Stores CES Best of Innovation 2018 Award, Named “Top Startup.”

Aipoly Vision Best of Innovation 2017 (Accessible Tech) Award – CES Winner Announcement.

Also featured on Fast Company, CNBC, MIT Technology Review, TechCrunch, USA Today.

Knovel Corporation | Virtual Conference Invited Speaker.

Bank Administrative Institute | 2017 BAI Emerging Leaders Scholarship Finalist.

NASA | Datanaut Class of 2018.

UC Berkeley Engineer of the Week, College of Engineering Nominated Senior Class Representative, Chancellor’s Undergraduate Student Reception College of Engineering Representative.

UC Berkeley Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership Certificate Entreprenuership Technology.

Women in Logistics | Scholarship Recipient.

Chevron | International REACH Scholarship Recipient.

Westlake High School | Co-ValedictorianSuperintendent’s Highest Honors Achievement, President’s Education Excellence Award Honoree (Gold Award).

UT Austin | Honors Colloquium Program.

US Department of Energy | “Most Innovative Proposal” & Youngest Winning Team Lead – Daily Californian News.

NBA | 2018 Hackathon Finalist (Top 6/700)

Amazon | Vehicle Acquisition and Logistics Case Competition Finalist (Top 3)

UC Berkeley | BERC Energy Summit 2014 Selected Innovation Expo Presenter